Since my daughter, Lily, has been under Mrs. Lisa’s instruction, she has grown as a dancer and person. Mrs. Lisa has taught her the technical aspects of dancing as well as the professionalism and positivity of a well-rounded dancer and athlete. Lily has learned the value of being a team player and supporting your fellow dancers. Through Lisa’s passion for dance and teaching, she has pushed Lily to reach her full potential as a dancer by challenging and encouraging her. Lisa is not just a dance teacher to Lily, but her friend. She has provided guidance to Lily when she needed it and helped her build confidence. My husband and I could not be happier with the progress we have seen in Lily’s dancing as well as her motivation and determination.
— Christina Ritzema

Lisa Wood opened my eyes to the world of dance. When I first started, I was a mess, and didn’t know a pointe from a sickle. Lisa showed me how to move my body in ways I had never seen before. She taught me everything I know. She had love and trust in my dancing which made me the strong dancer I am today. Because of her hard work and love, I was able to get into the Joffrey Jazz and Contemporary Program in New York City. The only reason I am here in New York today is because of Lisa. Now I am dancing at The Institute of American Musical theater. Lisa has always helped me stay on track and helps me to keep pushing myself. I am glad to call her a dance teacher, a friend, and a mom. When I make it to Broadway, I will be thanking her in the long run for believing in me, and showing me that I can be anything I want to be as long as I keep pushing myself and working hard. Thanks for being the best teacher and role model!
— Amanda Smith

Lisa Wood is amazing. She has devotion to helping her students reach the stars and beyond! She gives each student the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. She encourages her kids to not block themselves by fear for the unknown. I love how she has a way with taking “CAN’T” out of the students mind. As a parent the confidence and desire my daughter has from being her student is amazing. Thanks to Lisa Wood my daughter wants to have a career in dance and be a dance teacher like her favorite dance teacher.
— Kim Martin

Mrs. Lisa builds confidence in the weakness of dancers. She taught me no matter how difficult it is, if I give it my all that’s what makes me a good dancer. The effort and her passion for dance makes everyone around her want to be better at their passion. That’s why learning from her was an honor and when you start your classes your not just joining a dance studio, your joining the LAW Dance Studio family. You became a part something bigger and because of Mrs. Lisa you know you find yourself and purpose in life.
— Delaney Gray
Non-stop encouragement is what Lisa Wood brought to our daughter. Amanda had tried gymnastics then decided to try dance instead. Lisa worked with Amanda, never allowing her lack of skills to be a negative. She was always positive and pushed Amanda to try new and different things. If Lisa couldn’t teach Amanda something, she would bring in someone who did know the subject matter. Her students always come first with Lisa.

Lisa always encouraged Amanda to compete in dance competitions and was there behind stage to encourage her before and after each dance. That sense of security was invaluable to help Amanda become a great dancer. Amanda, with Lisa’s encouragement, auditioned for, and accepted into, Joffrey Ballet’s summer program and then became a fulltime trainee with Joffrey Ballet’s Jazz and Contemporary. Amanda is now with The Institute of American Musical Theater Program where she sings and dances.

Encouraging Amanda to try outside intensives, Lisa went with Amanda to both help Amanda and to learn new methods to expand her teaching repertoire. Lisa has done this with other dancers as well.

Lisa worked tirelessly with Amanda and other dancers, on their dance solos and large group numbers. Choreographing them and then helping the dancers learn and hone their skills until the dance was good enough not only to compete, but also to win many dance titles and awards.

Without Lisa Wood’s skills, knowledge, encouragement, and tireless patience, Amanda would not be were she is in the dance world today. Thank you Lisa Wood.
— Chip & Tracey Smith

Miss Lisa was my daughter’s dance teacher from 2014-2017. When Laila started dancing with Miss Lisa it was Laila’s first time on a competition team. Anyone that has had a child on a competition team knows that the schedule is very different from regular dance classes. Miss Lisa made the schedule accommodating as possible for all of the parents especially us parents that were new to competition. My daughter would often get very frustrated if she couldn’t get a dance step or move, and she would intentionally throw herself to the floor. She quickly learned that Miss Lisa was not going to allow her to do that. She would work with her on the dance step or move until she got it. Miss Lisa would also have the kids set goals for themselves for dance positions or moves that they wanted to learn, and with her help they always accomplished their goals. Miss Lisa was more than a dance teacher for us. She was a costume designer; she always made sure all the kids customs had lots of bling that she did herself. She was a makeup artist; because I have no clue how to do makeup. She was a hairstylist; she could do a ponytail like you wouldn’t believe. She was a Uber driver; she would pick my daughter up from school or after school and take her to practice she would wouldn’t be late. Miss Lisa is an amazing person, dance teacher and friend, and I am very grateful that I met her and my daughter had the opportunity to have her as a dance teacher!
— Regina Holmes

It is truly impossible to accurately portray how much Lisa had done for my daughters.

She has always gone beyond what is necessary to develop both of my daughter’s strengths. She is special to each of them for both similar and completely different reasons. My daughters are completely different with different talents and abilities yet she has managed to meet each of their needs and push them to be beyond what they believed they were capable of.

My youngest daughter started taking hip hop with Lisa and it immediately ignited a desire in her to sign up for any other classes she could fit in her schedule. In addition to her hip hop class she began taking ballet, jazz, contemporary, gymnastics, and musical theatre. She also immediately wanted to audition for Competition Team to work with Lisa.

Lisa is personally invested in the success of each of her students, not only in their dance life but also their academics and emotional well-being. When my oldest daughter realized that maybe dance wasn’t her thing she still wanted to be at the studio around Mrs. Lisa. Lisa continued to foster her outside interests and be a support system for her even after she was no longer a dance student in her classes. Even after we moved to Virginia my youngest daughter wanted to continue dance with Lisa so much so that she took private classes via FaceTime and travelled to be able to still compete with her when she could.

Lisa has a knack for knowing when to encourage, push, adjust and correct in order to bring out the best in her dancers. I have seen her take kids, to include my own, who are lacking confidence and petrified to go on the stage and turn them into confident shining performers. Lisa does not give up on her students even when they want to give up on themselves. She built both of my daughters’ confidence up. They wanted Lisa’s approval because they admired and respected her.

Lisa encourages students to continue learning and take all opportunities for improvement and growth whether it is from her, a guest instructor, camps, conferences or other means because she is looking out for the dancer and not herself. It is blatantly obvious that dance is not only an art to her, but also a lifestyle.

During her classes she maintained a balance between an organized structure and the ability to go with the flow and adjust as needed. My daughters loved that they knew they were going to work hard and show respect but also have fun in a positive and creative environment that was conducive to learning.

Lisa is dedicated, driven, professional and ethical with a fierce determination to provide the best for her dancers.

Lisa became family and the studio a safe haven for my girls. Having her at the studio made it feel like a second home.
— Angie Gray